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Welcome to my website! My work is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of both coastal and country Northern NSW. Using acrylics or gouache and graphite as my media of choice, I strive to capture the warmth of inviting and familiar views of the environment around me. Through bold and energetic brushstrokes, I seek to convey…


Bridie Schmidt is a Northern Rivers based artist available for commissions. Bridie is also a respected electric vehicle journalist, and web designer/developer with clients in Byron Bay, Lismore, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, to Sydney and Melbourne. You can view her design portfolio at Savant Digital.


My art portfolio is a work in progress! To see my art practice in action, as well as how it ties into my photography practice, please enjoy my Instagram account “”.


Bridie Amelia Art Bridie Amelia Schmidt creates art inspired by nature in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia Buy Original Art